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The Marine Corps Way applies Maneuver Warfare - the warfighting doctrine of the United States Marine Corps - to business.  In simplest terms, Maneuver Warfare uses speed, surprise, and concentrated force to achieve maximum impact with minimal expenditure of resources.  

Military-to-business books are rising in popularity...at the front of the pack is The Marine Corps Way.  Noted Fortune Magazine:

"The best of this new breed of leadership tome is The Marine Corps Way…the book makes a convincing case that battlefield techniques do work in the business world." (Fortune, Feb. 23, 2004)

Featuring 46 cases from warfare and business, the authors describe how you can use Maneuver Warfare to achieve breakthrough results in your organization.  And, through a three-pillared leadership philosophy, The Marine Corps Way explains how to unlock the ingenuity and energy of an organization's most precious asset:  its people.

Written by two former Marines and a professor from the University of Pennsylvania’s acclaimed Wharton School, The Marine Corps Way offers the kind of business leadership advice that comes only from hard-earned experience and proven success.

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Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 007142377X

Pages: 256

Publish Date: 12/2003

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies


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The Marine Corps Way released in Chinese

Co-author Jason Santamaria Receives Leadership Award from Colin Powell

Marine Corps Way praised in Fortune Magazine

Marine Corps Way featured in Inc. Magazine

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